The Long Island Council for the Social Studies

Civics Day of the Generation Citizen Program

Teachers at Patchogue Medford High School held a digital Civics Day on January 13 and 15, 2021. Civics Day is a culmination of the Generation Citizen Civics program  The program emphasizes an action project where students learn to reach consensus on a  civic problem to be solved.

Students research the problem , speak with key power figures and develop solutions.

This year, the students of Ms. Alicia Connelly and Mr. Shaun Carlson of Patchogue Medford H.S.  proposed curriculum for cultural responsiveness and for practical needs in grade 12 and proposed solar panels for the high school and safety procedures and techniques for a road that curves and stimulates accidents based on poor visibility.

The  teachers with the help of the Patchogue Medford High School Principal were able to have a Civics Day on line  as well as make considerable progress toward their goals. It is a tribute to the hard work of teachers, students and their Principal that the civic action program of Generation Citizen could be accomplished so successfully in Pandemic times.